About Patricia Goodwin

Consultant Nurse Practitioner, Patricia Goodwin is an expert in medical aesthetics, anti-ageing and wellness medicine. She is a pioneer in skin health rejuvenation sector with over 33years experience and is a respected figure in the field of cosmetic medicine. As a member of the British Association of Cosmetic Nurses (BACN) and a member of the Private Independent Aesthetic Practices Association Both associations promote high standards of care and best practice in the industry.

Patricia regularly trains Surgeons, Doctors and Nurses as a National trainer for Ellanse, Sculptra and perfectha Patricia has regular clinics in, Middlewich, North Wales and Liverpool.

Commited to you

Patricia ability to change a face from the outside in and the inside out without using a scalpel is one of the significant features that set her apart as a practitioner. A devotee of advanced skin health restoration, she stands out in a crowed market due to her ability to deliver stunning natural looking results.

I am passionate about giving clients the right information so that they can make an informed decision for the treatment that suits them. I achieve a result that are fresh, natural soft and still very you. Ensuring personal care, impartial expert advice and excellent after care.

Patricia Goodwin has been internationally recognised as a european trainer for Ellanse.