Skin Infusions/Peels

Patricia offers an extensive range of corrective skin peels and infutions which can be used to improve the appearance of your unique skin type. These products are all used to replenish the skin, helping to erase and rejuvanate the signs of ageing with little of no down time

Is a Peel Right for Me?

Due to the fantastic range of customisable treatments available, practically any adult can benefit from one of our peels. Whether you are looking to correct a specific skin concern, to defy your age or simply refresh your complexion, there is a peel available which can be customized to fit your needs. Your specific skin concern, along with your skincare provider’s assessment, will help determine the most effective solution for you. Peels can vary in intensity and duration: by identifying certain key traits, such as skin density and natural hydration, your physician or aesthetician can better determine the appropriate peel type for your skin.

What different types of Peels do you offer?

CosMedix has developed two lines of peels based on the depth of penetration. Ranging from superficial to deep epidermal depth, Today Peels are designed to refresh and exfoliate the skin without prior preparation. These gentle yet effective peels can often be applied at your convenience to help correct blemishing, skin discoloration, hypersensitivity and mild photodamage. The Tomorrow system, a range of medium-depth dermal peels, requires a ten-day, at-home, pre-treatment regimen. Designed to correct the damage done yesterday, they are ideal for minimizing the visible signs of ageing.